double rooms in hotel FAMILIA 14 double rooms
luxury double rooms in FAMILIA
1 luxury double room
/bathroom with a hydro massage panel/
Hotel FAMILIA's suites 3 suites /each consisting of 2 rooms/
luxury suites in hotel Familia
2 luxury suites
/bathroom with a hydro massage panel/
extra beds extra beds available
FAMILIA's extra air-conditioning system
bar and cafe bar & cafe
restraurant Old Times restaurant
room service in Familia room service
cable TV in hotel cable TV
FAMILIA's extra free wireless Internet
garden restaurant
garden restaurant
seating 22 persons
Tryavna town

The town of Tryavna is located at the foot of the Balkan mountains. It is suitable for short visits, excursions and holidays throughout the year. The climate is favourable for the prophylaxis and treatment of lung diseases as well as for relaxation in a well-preserved environment, close to mother nature.

The central location of Tryavna and the great number of tourist sites makes it an excellent place for seminars, training courses, company events, meetings and celebrations.

» A map of Tryavna
About the Familia family hotel
Familia family hotel FAMILIA

The three-star "FAMILIA" family hotel is located in the center of Tryavna town and has 40 beds in double rooms, ordinary suites and luxury suites. Each room/suite has its own air-conditioning, cable TV, telephone, and free wireless Internet connection. The suites are equipped with mini bars. Our customers can use the room service free of charge. In the case of longer stays they get a discount for room prices. We also offer package holidays including bed, breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

Restaurant of hotel FAMILIA

In addition to the hotel our guests can enjoy the "FAMILIA" bar & cafe as well as the restaurant, both provided with a wireless Internet connection. During your stay in the "FAMILIA" family hotel you will experience the hospitality of Balkan people and the traditional top quality service.

The Familia family hotel
menu of Old Times

The menu in the restaurant is varied and engages the tourists’ interest. Here you can taste trout, scad, bluefish, sprat and salmon specialties. We recommend that you try our dishes, which are specially selected from the traditional Tryavna cuisine.

quality wines in hotel

On the wine list you will find the best Bulgarian wines. To wine connoisseurs we offer quality wines from Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Austria, California, Argentina and Chili, New Zealand and Australia, South Africa.

OLD TIMES restaurant

The atmosphere in the restaurant bears the spirit of Renaissance Tryavna – there you can see photos of emblematic buildings and sights dating back to the 19-th and the beginning of the 20-th century. Pictures of prominent figures and famous Tryavna clans from the Renaissance period display the fashion of that time for men and women respectively.

Every weekday we offer a lunch menu including soups, main courses, grilled dishes and desserts. Low prices, delicious dishes and prompt service!

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